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You’ve finally done it. You’ve saved up enough money, or you’ve taken out a loan, and you’ve bought the car of your dreams. But there’s just one problem: the car is in a different state. Now you have to figure out how to get it to you. This is where auto transport comes in.


Auto transport is the process of shipping a vehicle from one location to another, and it can be a great solution for getting your new car to you without having to drive it cross-country (or even across state lines). But before you hand over your keys (and your hard-earned cash) to an auto transport company, there are a few things you should know about the process. Read on for everything you need to know about shipping your car with Bold Auto Transport.


What Is Car Shipping?


There are a few reasons why you might need to ship your car to or from a different state. Maybe you’re moving for a new job, or going to college out of state. Or maybe you bought a car online from another state and need it shipped to you.


Whatever the reason, if you need to ship your car, you’ll want to choose a reliable and experienced auto transport company like Bold Auto Transport.


Shipping your car is a pretty simple process. You just need to find a reputable auto transport company, get a quote, and schedule your shipment.


Most companies offer door-to-door shipping, so your car will be picked up from your home and delivered to your new location.


Most importantly, when shipping your car, you’ll want to make sure it’s insured. Ask your chosen auto transport company about their insurance options and make sure you’re covered in case of any accidents or damage during shipping.


Now that you know the basics of car shipping, it’s time to start looking for a reputable auto transport company like Bold Auto Transport. With years of experience shipping cars all over the country, we can get your car where it needs to go, safely and on time. Bold Auto Transport Reviews


The Different Types Of Car Shipping


There are a few different types of car shipping when it comes to shipping your car to or from a different state. The first, and most popular, is door-to-door shipping.


This is where the carrier will pick up your vehicle from your home or office and deliver it to the desired location. The second type of shipping is terminal-to-terminal shipping.


This is where you will drop off your vehicle at a pre-determined location and then pick it up from another pre-determined location. The third, and least popular, type of shipping is open transport.


Open transport is where your vehicle is shipped on an open carrier with other vehicles. This is the least expensive option but it does leave your vehicle more exposed to the elements during transit.


How To Choose The Right Company For Your Needs


When you’re looking to transport your car to or from another state, you want to make sure you choose a company that can get the job done right.


Here are a few things to consider when choosing an auto transport company:


-What is their reputation? Do they have good reviews?


-What kind of experience do they have?


-Do they offer the type of service you’re looking for?


-How much will it cost? Get a few quotes and compare prices.


-What is their customer service like? Do they seem responsive and helpful?


These are just a few things to keep in mind when choosing an auto transport company. If you take your time and do your research, you’ll be able to find the right company for your needs.


What To Expect During The Shipping Process


When you ship your car with Bold Auto Transport, you can expect a hassle-free process from start to finish. We will work with you to schedule a pick-up date and time that is convenient for you, and we will transport your car to its destination safely and securely.


Our team of experienced professionals will take care of all the details, so you can relax and enjoy your travels knowing that your car is in good hands.


Faqs About Car Shipping


  1. How much does it cost to ship a car?


The cost of shipping a car varies depending on the distance, weight, and size of the vehicle. On average, it costs about $0.60 per mile to ship a car.


  1. How long does it take to ship a car?


Shipping times vary depending on the distance and route taken. It typically takes 1-5 days to ship a car cross-country, and 3-7 days to ship a car within the same state.


  1. How do I prepare my car for shipping?


You will need to remove all personal items from your car, as well as any aftermarket accessories. You should also clean your car inside and out, and make sure that there is no more than ¼ tank of gas in the tank.


  1. What type of insurance is included with my shipment?


All shipments come with basic liability insurance, which covers damage to your vehicle up to $50,000. You can purchase additional coverage for an additional cost.


Bold Auto Transport : Conclusion


If you’re considering shipping your car to or from a different state, then you’ll want to check out Bold Auto Transport.


We offer reliable and affordable car shipping services that will make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.


So if you need to ship your car, be sure to give us a call!

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